Every card goes into the default folder

I payed and downloaded the Anki app on IOS recently.

I used to use Anki on my chromebook, so I uploaded all my decks to AnkiWeb. From AnkiWeb I downloaded everything to my phone. I add all my new cards from my phone right now, but I do have a problem. When I want to add a New Card to a deck (by clicking on the deck in question and pressing ‘Add’), it immediately goes into the default deck. I’ve tried manually entering the right deck too but that doesn’t help the problem.

This means that I need to go into the default deck and change the deck of each card I make. This takes an enormous amount of time, obviously.

So, can somebody please help me?


Please see Cards are being placed in the "Default" deck - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to find the deck override option on IOS Anki? I’ve tried before but didn’t find it. Thanks.

Sorry, this can only be adjusted on the computer version at the moment.

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