App crashes/freezes on iPhone

My problem occurs after reviewing a few cards, when the app freezes and I’m forced to restart it. After opening the app once again, a blank card pops up and it’s impossibile to continue revising as the application is still frozen. Only after restarting one last time I can finally go back to my deck but not progress is saved.

I’m using an iPhone 11, iOS 15.0.2.

Thanks in advance

I can’t seem to reproduce this with a copy of your AnkiWeb collection. Is there a specific deck or decks that cause it to happen, or certain specific cards? When the review screen appears stuck, is it possible to open the current card in the editing screen? If so, could you let me know the card?

Thank you so much for checking this out.

I’ve realized I’ve been using a deck associated to another account of mine ( so the cards that you’ve seen probably weren’t those ones making me problems.
There was no specific card that would freeze the application on its own. I remember that it happened with the card „front: dizionario back: słownik słownik polski-hiszpański” but it would occur with any other random card of the same deck after a bit of revising.

Anyhow, yesterday I tried deleting and downlowding Anki several times until it finally worked and now it looks like the application runs well.

Thank you again for your help. I’ll write here in case any other problems arise so that I can be more specific (hopefully I won’t have to).



I tried running through that deck but didn’t run into the issue, and since it’s resolved itself for you, hopefully that’s the last of it :slight_smile: If it crops up again and you can provide some steps to trigger it, please let me know.

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I think it is only I think this would have happened with the app or any software if there was a bug in it