Deck will not open on iOS app

Hi All,
I have the paid version of Anki on my iPad and iPhone. I hadn’t used it for quite a few months, but successfully added a new deck on my iPad today. When I synced it, it asked for my email, and sent a link confirming it was still active. I activated this, and got a message that all was fine. The number of cards on my phone changed to show the new deck I’d added on my iPad. Now, however, I am unable to open the deck on any platform. I can browse, and open all other options, but as soon as I click on the deck the app closes. I have turned both devices on and off again and uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but the problem persists. I have the most recent version on Anki on both devices. Please help, I’m desperate!!

Please go into AnkiMobile’s preferences screen and tap on Check Database, and it should fix the problem. You’ll need to upload your collection to AnkiWeb afterwards, and download it on your other devices.

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