Anki app crash whwn i open for importing deck

Hi all, i am having issues with importing anki deck to anki app. I already have a deck and this new deck of size 3.2gb , when i import , anki app opens and shuts down. I tried to do the database thing but nothing works out. Any help will be appreciated

Please see my reply to your other post - I will move your other post here.

Hi, i am having some similar problem. I have a deck in my anki and i downloaded another anki file of 3gb, however whwn i open that file in anki , anki opens up and then closes. I cant see any card or deck added other than the ones i already have.
Checked database but nothing happened.
I can remove previous deck if thats causing problems but i dont know how to do that
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It sounds like something’s going wrong with the import. The importing code is slated for an overhaul soon; in the mean time your best bet may be to try importing the deck with the computer version of Anki, and then syncing your changes to your phone.

Please im having the same problem any help

AnkiMobile has already switched to the new importing code, so this should no longer be an issue. You appear to be using AnkiDroid, so you may have more luck explaining the issue on their issue tracker.