Can’t open file

I’ve been trying to download and upload a deck I have the apkg file for. On my phone and iPad, it goes to a blank import file screen and on my computer is goes to “ unable to read file. It requires a newer version of Anki to import”. I even had a new files of the deck made and sent over and nothing. Help please

Im not sure why Ankimobile is not working with the file

as for desktop, try disabling add-ons and make sure you are up-to-date
Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

On my desktop, I deleted and redownload and restarted my computer.

Just make sure your add-ons are disabled, as these are unaffected by reinstalling Anki

Is this deck public? Any way to share the deck here?

I think this forum won’t allow due to being a new user, but you could share via file transfer websites such as

It’s probably the ‘special fields’ add-on, or the legacy importer setting in the preferences.

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