Anki and Dropbox

Ok I get it that you can’t download pre-made decks to iPad, and that’s a pity! A few years back my laptop was set on top of a hot hob so no laptop just an iPad !

Anyway I’ve been having a look on my Dropbox account and I’ve come across an old folder going back to '21. It is the same as what I was using. If it is the template I was using can I download it to my iPad?

How would I check, how would I download

Thanks for any advice

You should be able to add a downloaded deck to AnkiMobile. Where are you encountering the problem?

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Yes, you can download .apkg files and then tap on them to open them in AnkiMobile. You should be able to do so whether it’s via a website download, or via DropBox.

Thanks for the replies but the problem now seems fixed
I had Anki on my iPhone but not on my iPad. After much messing around I remembered you had to sync done so and now everything seems normal

Purely of interest , for I don’t need it now, how would I have transported the Dropbox version the folder and put in into Anki. Dropbox has three files: the read me, what is the image for this word and of course Irish Gaelic (21-3-19).apkg . If I had to do so how would I have moved that from Dropbox to Anki I note that the are all separated words

If I click on the apkg folder I’m advised that apkg files cannot be previewed, To view this file open it on your computer. Could that be because I originally downloaded it on to the laptop

As I said more educational than need :+1:

If AnkiMobile is installed on the iOS device, tapping on an .apkg file should open it in AnkiMobile.

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