Importing from apple downloads to ankimobile

I have a Anki deck going back years when I had a PC. That deck now rests on my iPad in Files. Is it possible to download that deck from my iPad to Anki. Both programs are on the iPad

You can tap on the file and Anki will automatically input those decks

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Yep, if it’s an .apkg or .colpkg file it should open in AnkiMobile. If you manually copied Anki’s data files and have a .anki2 file, that is not importable, and will need to be copied to a computer and exported first.

I’ve been trying to put it into my Anki but with no luck. It’s been hat long there that I can’t recall how I got it :confused:

Anyway I’ll contact a friend who has a PC and ask him to download it for me. How do I get it from his PC to my iPad? Can he just email it to me. He visits me more than I visits me

It just occurred to me ca he just download the app and email it to me ?

I’ve been doing some searching and discovered that the file is not in the App Store but rather on cit hub, does that make it easier or more difficult. Here’s the link


Those are not importable files, they are examples that can be copy+pasted into card templates. The card templates screen in AnkiMobile can be accessed by tapping on the bottom right cog, then scrolling down to Card Template.

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