I want to import a deck to the app withusing a desktop?

Title explains itself, i tried all that is written on the web about importing it by downloading the file in the .apkg format and it doesn’t work, when i share the app to anki or open the file in my files app it redirects me to anki but the deck doesn’t appear on the app page

Have you used the options displayed in the bottom left of Anki’s main view (Add/Export → Download Link)?

To import an .apkg file into AnkiMobile, download the file, then tap on it, which will open AnkiMobile. If you’re downloading from AnkiWeb using Safari, after the download completes, tap on the blue down arrow, then Downloads, and then the deck.

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@dae Can you be a bit more clear, i am using ipad to import apkg file into ankiweb and i don’t see any way to do so. Your help will be appreciated!

I don’t think you can import into AnkiWeb. You can download the apkg from the shared decks on AnkiWeb (https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/), but then you need to import it into AnkiMobile (Shared Decks - AnkiMobile Manual) or AnkiDesktop (Packaged Decks - Anki Manual).

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