Cannot download ANKI deck onto IPAD

To whom this may concern,

I hope all is well. I am having trouble downloading an ANKI deck onto my IPAD. I pressed a link for a premade deck from Safari and have it in my downloads in my IPAD. It is not downloading in my IPAD folder. So I opted for trying to put the link with the “.apkg” part typed in, when I had pressed the “DOWNLOAD LINK” option provided in the corner of the Anki-mobile app on my IPAD.

But it unfortunately doesn’t work, due to a message popping up saying “file is invalid or corrupt.”

Is there any way I can download the deck onto my ANKI-mobile app?

Also do I need to download add-ons or are they set in place already in the app?

Thank you so much.

After tapping on the downloaded file, what happens - does any message appear? The download link option is there for niche cases, and you shouldn’t normally need to use it if you’re able to download an .apkg file.

AnkiMobile does not support add-ons - all the available functionality is built in.

To whom this may concern,

The file doesn’t download in the IPAD for some reason. It just says 0% downloaded.

If Safari is failing to download the file, you could try with a different browser (eg Chrome) to see if that makes any difference. If you continue to have trouble, you could try downloading the file on a computer instead, and then either importing it into the computer version of Anki and syncing, or AirDropping the file to your iOS device.