Lapsed reviews won't immediately show in the "red count"

Hi, I just made a search in the forums and checked the 2.1 scheduler section in the manual to no avail.
I recently updated anki from 2.1.38 to 2.1.46 on debian buster. When offered to update to 2.1 scheduler I accepted. Now, while reviewing, I have noticed that every time I fail a card, it won’t immediately show in the “red count”, as it used to, but it remains hidden until it is asked again (then it shows in the “red count”). Also, lets say I fail a card. It doesn’t show in the red number. I exit the deck and I can see it in the lapses count in anki’s home screen. If I immediatly reenter the deck, it shows too.
I have found this behaviour with both default deck options and custom options (learning steps - 20m). I’m not using any addons that mess with scheduling or ease.
I don’t know if this is a bug or expected behaviour. If the latter, I find it quite confusing because it prevents you from knowing ALL THE TIME the exact number of failed cards. Now, we have to wait until every lapsed card consumes the time of the learning step to show in the failed cards count? What is the benefit of that? Any ideas appreciated.

Your learning step is longer than your configured learn-ahead limit. The v2 scheduler only counts cards that can be studied now, not ones that are due later in the day.

Thank you very much, I’ll look into that :slight_smile: