V2 scheduling doesn't work

Hi I recently upgraded to the latest version of anki (2.1.54) and encountered an issue. I was on v1 schedular and now I am on v2.

When I study a deck halfway, leaving some red learning cards behind, and go back to study that same day the next day or few days after, the scheduling is off. By that I mean if I press “again” for a red card, normally it should show up 1 minute later, but now it won’t show up until I have gone through the all of the red cards once (and it would take more than 10 minutes). I don’t seem to encounter this problem if I’m learning new cards (blue cards).

Additionally, the number of red card that is displayed at the bottom of my screen is also not right. Again, if I press “again”, my older version of anki wouldn’t change the number of red cards at all, which made senses, because I still had to go through this card twice before it could be moved to the review (green) deck for the next day. However, now when I press “again”, the number of red card would go down by one (so say from 9 to 8). This will continue until I’ve seen all the red cards in this deck once, and at the beginning the the second round, say now it shows I have 8 red cards, I study a card, doesn’t matter which option (again, good, etc) I press, that number will magically go up by 30, turning into 38 cards, and after the next cards 68, the next 98, until somehow it decides to stop and start to fall done by 1 every time I study a card, even if I pressed “again”. This problem was also not encountered during the studying of a new deck.

All my settings are on default except maximum new and maximum review per day are changed to 9999. I tried changing to v3, it didn’t work.

Can someone please help me? Thanks a lot!

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