Keyboard - Mac OS X and spanish accents


I use Anki to learn Spanish, and I have a problem when I want to add some Spanish accents like ñ or á, é, etc.

In other apps, I can choose which accent I want when I keep holding the touch for a few seconds, but it doesn’t work in Anki, it keeps writing like “aaaaaaaaaaaaa” for exemple when I want to write á.

Does someone knows how I can fix it?

Thank you :slight_smile:

On macOS I use the ABC-Extended keyboard, which allows me to use first Option+n to make a ˜, and by pressing n afterwards, I create a ñ.

For the accent é, I press Option+e to make the ´, and afterwards one of the vowels, to make áéúóí.

You can set up keyboards under Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources.

Edit: And Option+Shift+/ for ¿, and Option+1 for ¡

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Some more info: Anki Manual