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Accents work when creating cards, but not in study mode


I’m having trouble using accents with the Anki Desktop version (MacBook Pro, macOS Monterey version 12.0.1). When creating the cards, I can use all regular keyboard shortcuts to write í, á, ñ, etc. However, as soon as I click “Study now”, these do not work any longer. Any advice?

Thank you in advance!

Do you know what lets you create accented letters? I mean, is it your keyboard layout that has accented letters, or do you use some special software?

I think I’m using the standard Mac keyboard shortcuts.

Mac system preferences > keyboard > input sources > Belgian (azerty)

For ò, for example, I simply hit “command” + the “`” key, followed by “o”.

Update: after installing the qt6-beta2 build from, the issue disappeared.

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