Japanese hiragana is shown instead of kanji, although it is the "Expression"

In a recognition type of card, there is a hiragana at the backside of the card, instead of the kanji I put. I added this card in Android at first, noticed the error, then edited it on desktop (Linux), but the problem persisted. The picture explains my problem:

It may be a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

My card design has an “Example” field apart from the usual, however, it works fine in other notes.

The problem is probably the card template where you need to replace {{Reading}} with {{Expression}} on the front side.
(You wrote that you want the Kanji on the back side but I assume that you actually want it on the front side.)

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Thank you for the opinion Rumo :slight_smile:

I found the issue. When writing the pronunciation of a kanji, the default cards expect us to put the kanji again in the pronunciation field, and add the hiragana in square brackets, as shown in the picture:

Problem is solved!