Wrong template added to all cards

I downloaded a Japanese Hiragana deck from the website. It is an extremely good deck with cool formatting.

However, now all the other cards I create in other decks have the same formatting, which I don’t want. I noticed that they have a ‘template’ called ‘Japanese Character’. How do I prevent this? I don’t want this formatting to be a default.

Each thing that I tried either ruins the template for Hiragana deck, or doesn’t do anything at all.

Here are some screenshots for better understanding:
=== My default card formatting, how I want it to be ===

=== Hiragana deck formatting (which is awesome and I want Hiragana deck to stay that way ===

== How new cards I create look like (which I am trying to change to the formatting on the 1st screenshot) ==

When adding cards, make sure the note type at the top left of the adding area is the one you want (eg “Basic”). For any existing cards you added with the wrong notetype, you can select them in the Browse screen, then use the Change Notetype action to assign them to the desired notetype.

I cannot find the Change Notetype in Ankimobile 2.0.92, iOS 16.4.1 (20E252). Where is it?

elmimmo, I’m not sure changing note type exists on the mobile, I use desktop version of Anki for this

This can also be done in AnkiMobile, by selecting one or more cards from the Browse screen, then tapping on Actions.

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