iOS iPad app, formatting wrong

Hello, I’ve recently bought a new iPad, and after installing, I’ve realised the formatting is different on the iOS version of the app.

Specifically, the formatting is correct on desktop and Android, but wrong on iOS. When on iOS, everything is in bold, whereas in desktop and Android, only bold text is bold

I enclose pictures of the exact same card in iOS and in Android.

What is happening?


There are several potential causes for this.

Dirty HTML

Perhaps your notes contain invalid HTML with missing closing tags. On Anki Desktop, open the HTML editor for one of your affected note’s fields with Ctrl + Shift + X and attach the markup here enclosed in triple backticks, like this:

Your field's content with <strong>some bold text</strong> etc.


You seem to be using a custom notetype which might have its own styling definitions.
There are cross-client differences in the HTML structure of cards, so perhaps the creator of the notetype didn’t test it on iOS.

Please open the template editor on Anki Desktop by clicking “Cards…”, switch to the styling section and attach the CSS, again enclosed in triple backticks:

.card { ... } etc.


Thanks for your reply.

My problem is not with one card. My problem applies to all my existing cards,
but only when I view them on iPad. They work fine on Windows and Android.

The problem is the every card is displayed as “pure bold” on iPad, regardless of
construction syntax. I have created a very simple reversed card to demonstrate,
using a single tag. This is how it appears on desktop on Windows, all good:

This is the HTML for the card: nothing weird here…
…and this is how the card appears on iPad. All bold. Which is wrong:

…what is causing all cards to be displaying as bold on iPad? I am using pure vanilla
Anki, no add-ons whatsoever. And it’s started happening when I upgraded my iPad, it
was working fine before.

I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall, to no avail.

Why does the iPad app mess up the bold display on all cards?


Can you share your AnkiWeb username in a private message, or a sample deck that demonstrates the issue so I can try to reproduce it?

Hello, sorry I only say your post now. Thanks for the reply.
How can I send you a private message, and how do I share a deck? I’ve never done either of those things.

To send a private message, click on someone’s icon (for example, @dae’s star) and then on “Messages”.

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One thing to check first: please go into the iOS settings app, then Accessibility>Display & Text Size. Do you have ‘bold text’ turned on? That will affect how text appears in AnkiMobile as well.


…YES!!! That was it! Thanks so much. Finally I can revise on my iPad again!

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