I've lost an add-on. Which iDrive file do I need to restore?

I was forced to re-install Windows recently.

Today’s Anki has probably lost a couple of days of responses. But that’s no problem. All my data files - including %APPDATA% - are on iDrive.

The only other item missing from today’s Anki is one of my homemade addons. Which iDrive file do I need in order to see that addon in Tools > Add-ons ?

Note that my Anki “backups” folder does not contain an old enough backup colpkg to capture the missing add-on.


I’ve cracked this issue. Addons aren’t stored in “colpkg”. They were in my addons21 folder, which was blown away when I lost Windows. Everything is now restored from iDrive. I hope this info helps someone else.

BTW: I haven’t been inside that folder for years. I use only two addons - AutoEaseFactor and a homemade addon which prompts for each answer one character at a time. I have memory problems, so this addon is indispensable to me for foreign, character-based vocabulary. @glutanimate did 95% of the work.