Lost Anki data in AppData

Hi, my computer locked me out and I had to send it to a repair shop where they downloaded a whole new windows on top of my old one. While I was at the shop, I asked the repair guy to help me ensure all my files were recovered. They were, but all except the decks I had created. I was unwise and never exported them or created an anki account so they were simply within the app. In the process of him trying to understand what Anki even is, he ended up redownloading the app to my computer. Later at home, my friend told me to type %APPDATA%\Anki2 in the location field and I found a backup folder but it was titled backup-2021-2-15-08.20.05.colpkg which I’m guessing is the backup folder created when he redownloaded anki this morning. Do you know where my old files could be? Did I screw myself over by redownloading anki before checking for the backup folder?

Download “Search Everything” from:


Search for “colpkg” and possibly “Anki”


it worked!!! however, the latest backup file was from january 31. Still better than nothing and I am eternally grateful for you, but is there a way to get more recent backup files?

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Did you sort by “Date Modified” column ?

yep :frowning:

How about a search for “apkg” ?

BTW: Search Everything finds absolutely EVERYTHING - even hidden files. To exclude these: Tools > Options > Indexes

If you have any external media attached, that will be searched automatically as well.