Trouble restoring anki backups from a passport for mac (time machine) backup


I own a macbook pro and have been making anki cards for various things over many years. For the past couple years I’ve saved my decks just on hard drive. Occasionally have exported them for different reasons.

I’ve known that I’ve had the auto backup feature enabled on anki which has saved me in the past, where I was able to find the old backup files and restore my decks.

Just this last week I had an issue with my computer (unrelated to anki) and during the process the people at Apple store did a factory reset of my computer. I was happy for them to do that since I had only just recently taken a full computer backup on a passport for mac hard drive which I store on my desk. I took it that this passport, each time I did a full system backup, would save all the current statuses of my anki decks on the anki internal filing (which I normally locate via library → application support → anki2).

After doing the full reset, I decided not to reset my computer from the recent backup (since I think the source of the recent computer issues may be related to some files I had on the old version of my computer). I have had obviously my files which I had stored on iCloud and I have transferred my important hard drive files from the passport backup on to my new factory resetted computer.

However, when I go to redownload anki and have tried to find the files from the passport backup, I can’t find them.

I open My Passport for Mac (when it’s plugged in), go to my most recent backup (from late Feb), and it has options as follows:

When I enter Library, there is another folder Application Support where I would normally expect to find “Anki2” folder and have all my anki backups saved.
However, when I enter that file, there is no Anki or Anki2 folder to be found.
The contents of the Application Support folder are as follows:

I appreciate that this might not be an Anki specfic question but rather a back up question but I was wondering if anyone had any experience or ideas in how to locate the old anki file / versions on my recent backup on my passsport?


PS - when I type in the search box “anki” or “.apkg” to try and find the files that way, it seems to do an indefinite search…

They’ll be in Users→<your username>→Library.

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