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Ii’m using the Anki app for Windows. I’m going to reset my computer and for that I have to move all my anki profiles (I have many several anki profiles on the desktop app) to a USB drive.
There should be a separate folder for my add-ons on my computer. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Thanks in advance!

Try going to Tools → Add-ons → View Files

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Thank you. I have another problem. I’ve now moved all my anki profiles to a USB drive.
Next step would be reinstalling Anki again on my Windows 11. How can I now transfer all profiles from the USB drive to Anki?

After you install the app, but while it is not running, just copy your add-ons and profile folders back to the Anki2 location. Managing Files - Anki Manual

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Thank you for your fast reply.

When I was moving my anki profiles to the USB drive I wasn’t sure if I should take them from %APPDATA%\Anki2
How can I transfert the add-ons from this file to the Anki App for Windows?
It would be great if you could explain me what I have to do step by step as I’m not familiar with this Anki program.

Where else would you take them from? That’s the right file location – as explained in the link.

You just have to put them back in the same place you copied them from. But, as I said, don’t do it while the app is running.

I don’t think this is something unique about Anki that you have to be familiar with. An app stores information in a certain fiolder. If you put information in that folder, the app will have access to it. Anki works the same as other apps.

This seems like the same question, so let’s keep it in one thread, okay?

The folder called addons21 has a folder for each of your add-ons (“named” with the add-on’s code from the shared site). If you put all of those folders in the same place on your fresh system (%APPDATA%\Anki2\addons21), while Anki is not running, those add-ons will all be installed and available to Anki. You don’t have to open any of them. Hopefully you have the whole addons21 folder and you can just plop that all in there at once.

However, if you are installing a different version of Anki – not all of your add-ons will necessarily work. You’ll have to check each of them to see which has been updated, and you should disable the ones that haven’t been.

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alright thank you very much for your help

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