Issue: User Reviews for decks are all inverted in order

The normal order is: newest user reviews at the top.
What it is now: newest user reviews are at the bottom.

Why this is bad: Decks evolve over time. The older reviews may be talking about an entirely different deck. Older reviews should stay buried at the bottom, with newest reviews at the top.

For example, in this deck that I uploaded:
5000 most frequently used French words [v. 6.0] - AnkiWeb
User reviews from 2016(!) are at the top of the page. The deck was completely something else at that time. Please restore to the old default, with newer reviews at the top of the page.

and then there is this case, another deck that I uploaded:
5000 Most Frequent Chinese Words [With Wiktionary Entries] - AnkiWeb
Where new reviews are mixed with old reviews, outside of chronological order.

And in this addon (not mine):
AnkiCollab - The free collaboration Platform - AnkiWeb
The chronological order of reviews is even more jumbled.

Thank you for the report; this was not an intentional change, and should be fixed now.

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