Review by order of Creation date?

The way the insertion order currently works is a bit frustrating. It seems like the cards that are added most recently are the ones that get reviewed first, which is quite counterintuitive.
Even with checking database everyday and insertion order setting is set to Sequential, the “New #…” order still ends up being incorrect.

All of these order problems could be IMO solved if “Creation Date” was used as basis for order instead of “New #…” which doesn’t seem to correlate with Creation date in any way.

But there’s no option in the settings to review cards by creation date. It’s only by “New #…” order,

Is there a technical reason for using the “New #…” order instead of just Creation Date when setting up order?

If it were creation date, there’d be no way to reorder the cards later.

If the due numbers for newly-added cards are not the highest in your collection, running tools>check database should prevent that from happening in the future.

Problem is, if I add two cards for example. #1 and #2. Review #1, and then add a new card, it will be given #1. So at review, I will review #1 before #2. But #2 is actually older than #1.

Is there a way to ensure that, review order for new cards is “Oldest cards first” not by #due order?

You can create a filtered deck and sort it by date added. The shortcut to create a filtered deck is F

If you ran Check Database and are careful to sync at the start and end of each session, that should not happen - the next number should always be one higher.

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