Order of addition

Sorry, I have a very serious problem to solve. I should study decks from scratch and with the addition history made initially. I can’t do any of that, because as far as I understand the numerical history made initially breaks when you start with the repetitions. Do you know if it is somehow feasible to do what I want or do you know if an add-on exists or in the “design” phase that can preserve the order of addition.

Anki will introduce new cards in the order they are added, but once they have been studied once, the order is no longer the same, as the harder cards will appear more frequently. For this reason, it is best to design cards that do not depend on context to answer.

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I understand what the standard anki mentality might be, but I would really need to go beyond this rule, for those decks where the order of the cards interests me. Also because the basic study is based on previous knowledge that helps you understand future ones

You can use a filtered deck to study the cards in creation order, but you will need to rebuild it each day.

I found the solution to this problem.Thanks also to your advice. I found the feature that makes the creation date appear in the view of the decks, that is, by going to the browser on the deck and pressing on the sorting field, I displayed the order of creation. Then I selected the whole deck and repositioned it at the bottom of the numbering of the new cards. I describe it in order to help someone if they have the same problem as me. Thanks again Dae