Issue showing Korean characters

Here to report a serious bug that makes Anki quite unusable for me. T.T

Tested on: Anki v2.1.40 and v2.1.41 Beta 7 (both .tar.bz2 from official website)
Platform: Linux (Fedora 33 Workstation, GNOME 3.38.4 desktop environment)

Bug description: The display of Korean characters is wonky. Some words render fine but then others will be broken.

I’ll use this deck as an example: TTMIK's 100 Korean Daily Idiomatic Expressions by Pauliton - AnkiWeb

Some cards, such as this one, are fine in the card browser but are broken in Preview mode and when actually reviewing them (note the stretched-out words that make them unreadable):

Some cards, such as this one, are broken in all three (card browser, Preview mode, and in review):

Note that as you can see, it’s not an everything-is-broken situation; only certain words/sentences appear to break, while others render fine. I don’t know why.

Additional details that might help:

  • In the card browser, when I select the input field containing the broken text and move my arrow keys left and right, the text disappears and turns into blank space. But then when I close the card browser and reopen it, the broken text is back.

  • Anki for some reason sees that as me modifying the card/note and changes that card’s ‘Last Modified’ column to today’s date, even though I haven’t modified anything.

  • This bug does not exist in the Flathub version of Anki (Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux)

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Please try the .39 and .38 releases from GitHub. Which version did it break in?

I just tried the following versions from the GitHub releases page:

  • 2.1.39, 2.1.38, 2.1.37, 2.1.36
  • then I skipped to 2.1.33
  • then I skipped to 2.1.22
  • then finally I skipped to 2.1.15 (the first version with binaries on GitHub)

It’s broken on all of them. T.T

Up until yesterday I was using Flathub Anki v2.1.38 (Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux), and it displays Korean characters flawlessly. (Iinputting them, on the other hand, is another matter but that’s a Flathub-Anki-specific bug, and therefore not relevant here, I think.)

I decided to switch to the official binary to get the latest version (2.1.40), at which point I discovered this bug and reported it here.

As far as I’m aware, the .38 flathub is built from the binary Anki distribution, so it’s strange you see differing behaviour - it might be worth contacting them and seeing what they’re doing differently.

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OK, I submitted it: Korean characters are broken on the official .tar.bz2 binary, but display flawlessly on the Flathub version. Why/How? · Issue #44 · flathub/net.ankiweb.Anki · GitHub

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