Korean text rendering issue

Related issue: Issue showing Korean characters

I’m experiencing exactly the same issue as the person in the link above. Some syllable blocks appear disconnected in some places but not others. In addition to the issues described previously, parts of these broken syllable blocks also linger around if that space is no longer used (see images below).

Similarly, I’m on Linux (Fedora 34 Workstation, gnome-shell 40.2, gnome-panel 3.40.0). Anki 2.1.44, also tested on a couple older versions. All addons disabled.

Any progress on this issue?

I tried the top card on a Linux system here, and it displayed fine, so maybe the issue is with your system or chosen font.

Thanks for the reply. You appear to be correct, I’ve just ran into the same issue elsewhere outside of Anki. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Edit for future readers: Seems to be a Chromium-based issue. So far this has happened on Anki and Google Chrome, but confirmed not on Firefox under same conditions. I will investigate more on Chromium-based platforms, and report a bug to Chromium once confirmed.