Anki 2.1.41 Beta

Pasted images which are larger than the field textarea behave different on .41 than before.
Before they were always fitting into the field, now they make it overflow horizontally again.
editor.css used to have

img { max-width: 90%; }

Maybe that is missing now?

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I’m noticing the image issue @prollo mentioned as well. I also noticed the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom is not in night mode while the rest is (the vericle scrollbar is still in nightmode)

@prollo @AnKingMed
What you mentioned is already fixed in the latest version on GitHub

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@hengiesel the light scrollbars can still be triggered by inserting something like <div style="width:2000px;"></div> into a field. Maybe users with large tables are at risk of hitting it?

Beta 4 is now available, and a stable release is tentatively planned for around 2 weeks from now.

Is it intentional that clicking ‘saved searches’ triggers its context menu? I usually double click the sidebar menu to open/close them, but the double clicking doesn’t work for ‘saved searches’ because of it.

In the current HEAD(c0b9285) of the repository, I’ve noticed a minor bug with “Add” cards dialog, where buttons at the right-top won’t be enabled the first time a field is focused after returning from a card layout window. It occurs both on Windows and on Linux(Ubuntu), and does not occur in 2.1.41 beta4.

How to reproduce the bug:

  • Open “Add” dialog.
  • Click on Cards… to open the card layout window, and then close it.
  • Click on one of the fields before clicking elsewhere.



Navigating the sidebar by arrow keys does not change the library view, only clicking the sidebar entry or adding return to the arrow key navigation does.

Expected behaviour: The card listing is updated when a sidebar entry is selected by arrow keys.

macOS (10.15.7)
Version ⁨2.1.41 (46e9720e)⁩
Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2

That’s intentional as searching cards is a potentially slow and expensive operation. I think it has always been that way, hasn’t it?

That’s intentional as searching cards is a potentially slow and expensive operation. 

The same operation is performed when someone clicks the tags.

where buttons at the right-top won’t be enabled the first time a field is focused after returning from a card layout window.

This doesn’t seem limited to your operation. The formatting buttons are often (not always) deactivated when browsing cards from their listing. Clicking into some card fields sometimes activates them (works not with every field of the same note), often nothing happens all.

(There seems to be no difference between the add-on Mini Format Pack enablend/disabled)


It looks like the bug you mentioned, which seems to be a bit different from the one I reported above, have already been fixed in the latest source code by this pull request.


Beta 5 is now available. The plan is to release it as stable in approximately a week if no issues are found.

@BlueGreenMagick it was intended, but has confused multiple users, so I’ve removed it.

@hengiesel I presume the issue @hkr reported can’t be easily fixed? Focus is preserved with alt+tab, so it only seems to be an issue when clicking into a non-field area while the window is not focused.

@ferophila yes, and you can hit enter to search, just as you can click on the mouse. If it searched every time you moved up or down one line, navigating multiple items would be a slow process.

The behavior of the deck hierarchy with regards to reviews that exceed the parent deck’s limit appears to have changed in the latest version. Maybe this is intentional, but I find it extremely confusing. In the following screenshot, the “Waiting” deck is set to 0 reviews, while the decks below it have (obviously) larger limits:


If I open up one of the subdecks and try to review, though, it says, “No cards are due yet.” I would expect that if cards are shown as due in the deck list, I would be able to study them if I go into the deck.

Thanks Soren, this should now be fixed in the latest git.

Beta 6 is now available.

Beta 7 is now available. Hopefully this is the last one, with a stable release expected in a few days.

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2.1.41 was released as stable today. It contains one fix since beta 7: Henrik fixed an issue where the cursor was moving to the end of a field when alt-tabbing away and back again.

If you run into any issues with the stable release, please let us know on a new thread.