Issue : Anki "skips some cards"

When answering a flashcard, after pressing the button to go to the next flashcard, sometimes Anki puts the previous flashcard answered on the screen to answer it. When showing the answer, it shows the next flashcard’s answer, the one that should have been shown. It shows the answer immediately, without seeing the cloze deletion or the IO.

One time also happened that I was answering the flashcards and, instead of showing the previous card as described before, the screen went grey (like when you finish answering a deck) and the only way to go to the next card was using the buttons. I used the space bar to hit “Good” and went to the next card, but instantly showed the answer instead of the cloze deletion.

It happens when using card types like Anking, cloze deletions and IO. I haven’t seen this issue when doing flashcards on Ankiweb.

Things I have tried to solve the issue :

-Restarted Anki.
-Downgraded Anki.
-Started Anki while pressing shift.
-Restarted computer.
-Used “Check Database” feature.
-Uninstalled and installed Anki.

I also have a GIF. Hopefully it explains the issue better.


Change your graphics driver

In Anki 23.10+, you can also change the graphics driver from preferences screen.

On Windows, there are three ways of content being displayed on screen. The default is software, which is slower, but the most compatible. There are two other options that are faster: OpenGL and ANGLE. They are faster, but they may not work, or may cause display issues such as missing menubars, blank windows, and so on. Which one works best will depend on your computer.
Display Issues - Anki Manual (Windows)

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I’ll try that.

I changed from Direct3D (default) to Open GL video driver and tried solving flashcards. Seems like it fixed the issue. Thank you so much.

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