Issue with Cloze cards

Hello All,

I’m having an issue when it comes to my Anki. I’ll be doing a card, and it will have multiple cloze deletions but when I flip the card, cloze’s will be missing and won’t show up via “show next” button. I have to go and manually click toggle all to show the entire card. I’ve attached photos to show what I mean, the first image is the unflipped card, then the flipped card that omits certain cloze deletions, then the way it should be (the flipped card with toggle all selected showing me the card as it should be displayed upon initial flipping/answering). Any advice would be very much appreciated!!!

These “Reveal all”/“Toggle all” buttons aren’t native Anki cloze functionality. You may need to check with the deck/template (or add-on?) author about why it isn’t working.

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