Cards skipping to Back without showing Front first

I downloaded a deck by Ankizin from Ankihub. Initially I didn’t face any problems, now some of the cards seem to be glitching. After selecting “good” on a previous card, Anki jumps straight to the back of the next card (cloze type). Sometimes the front of the card with the button “show answer” flashes up briefly, but never long enough for me to read it, let alone select “show answer”.

This doesn’t happen to every card of the same type, only some of them. E.g. One Cloze type card is divided into two cards (c1 and c2) whereby c2 works flawlessly but c1 just skips straight to the solution.

I have gone through all 8 steps of the anki troubleshooting page (including restarting Anki, my Mac, restarting with shift, changing video driver, resetting window size, checking my database, making sure I’m on the latest version(which I updated today), …) which makes me wonder if it is perhaps an issue with the code? I’d expect the code for all cards to be the same though?

I would really appreciate some help, thanks!!

Issues like this can often be traced back to the video driver. Did you try all of the possible drivers? Did you restart after trying each one?

For a Mac – based on your chip and macOS version – it also might matter exactly which “flavor” of Anki and which Qt you’re using. Do you have the right one?


Thanks for replying so fast! I tried all three drivers and restarted after each:/ I downloaded anki for macOS 12+, given I’m on Sonoma 14.1 I assume that is the correct “flavour”?

As long as you have a Silicon chip, it should be. If you have an Intel chip, it’s not.

Next we would usually look at the templates to see if something was obviously wrong with them – but I’m hesitant to ask you to post them here, because I have the impression they are pretty intricate. In cases like this – it’s usually more productive for a user to go straight to the deck author. Are you already talking to Ankizin/Ankihub about troubleshooting the templates?

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