IOE doesn't appear on iMac

hey, i have an iMac,
I wanted to download image occlusion enhanced at first, which didn’t work because I could copy the link into Anki.
then I saw, that the option was already available where you select card types.

Now, when I insert an image, I can’t get to the editing tool to insert the masks. the icon doesn’t exist.

I hope somebody knows what’s going on :slight_smile:

I would check under Tools → Add-ons, if the add-on is installed and if it needs to be updated. The add-on‘s manual provides extensive information on installation and usage.

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i don’t even have the option “tools” on my page, do I have to update Anki? I should have the latest version though as I just downloaded the app a few days ago

Tools is an item of the menu bar of Anki. I had understood you to say that you had installed Anki for Mac.

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