"toggle mask" from a premade deck on mac

Hi, I downloaded a pre-made deck on mac and the images are not showing up. It keeps saying “toggle masks” I have the latest version of anki
Please help

Was this deck made with built-in Image Occlusion? – then see Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

Or with an add-on, like Image Occlusion Enhanced? – then see https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1374772155

If you aren’t sure, check the shared deck page and see if there are instructions.

Hi, thank you for replying. I believe the deck is made with built-in-image occlusion. I pressed on the link you provided but nothing seems to work. I contacted the owner that made the deck and they can’t figure out what the issue is. I have the add on and it works just fine.
Do you know if I need to change any of my setting for the images to show up
When I press to edit the image occlusion, it says Unsupported image in file

There aren’t any settings you need to change.

You should ask the deck owner to import the file into a fresh (temporary) profile on their system, and see if everything works.

Can you take a screenshot of exactly what you’re seeing?

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