„invalid input: Active browser columns not set“: Can‘t add nor edit the new card anymore

Hey! I just wanted to a a cloze to my new card and suddenly I couldn’t edit it anymore nor can I andd the card to the browser. Therefore it says „invalid input: Active browser columns not set“ for every single card in the search bar under the section „browser“.
Please help!:sob:

This may be caused by an add-on. Do you use any? Try disabling them.


I have the same issue. Were you able to solve the problem?

When I went to sync my account, all the fields in the browser changed to “invalid input: Active browser columns not set”. I installed the newest version of Anki on my computer and that resolved it. All my data was still there after.

I think it may be triggered by updating on one system (like a phone) and not the other system (like a computer)?

Hmm, I don’t think the mobile clients use this part of the code at the moment, and the columns are supposed to be set on startup if I recall correctly. Have you guys confirmed the issue still happens when you start Anki with all add-ons disabled?

Hi people, i get the same error, what i do to solve? go Check Database in Menu Options and maybe this solve your problem.