Sync feature not working!

Hey everyone,

I’ve used Anki on Mac for a while without any problems whatsoever, but today it began showing an error message every time I try to sync or quit the application. It says:

DBError { info: “InvalidColumnType(5, “lastIvl”, Real)”, kind: Other }

I’ve tried disabling all add-ons and restarting the app but it still occurs!

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I would appreciate any help!

Tried Tools>Check Database?

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Found ⁨205⁩ new cards with a due number >= 1,000,000 - consider repositioning them in the Browse screen.

Fixed ⁨39⁩ invalid card properties.

Deleted ⁨1⁩ card with duplicate template.

Fixed ⁨48⁩ review entries with invalid properties.

Database rebuilt and optimized.

Are you still having trouble syncing?

I think it’s fixed now! I just uploaded my data to anki web to overwrite what was there before.

Thank you!