"The front of this card is blank" error (all other forums read)

Hi all,

Any help appreciated… I’ve tried “empty cards”, which hasn’t fixed it, and also tried copying the code from the other threads with the same problem. I don’t have “The front of this card is blank” on the cards themselves, only the browser window, as shown. I’m baffled, because (with my small brain capacity), I feel like I’ve got {{Front}} in all the right places.

It’s only affecting my “Basic” card type.

Thank you in advance for any kind help rendered. ORZ

Hi! Thank you for your early reply! The only columns I have unshown don’t seem relevant to the problem. They are: card modified, due, ease, interval, lapses, tags. Sure, I could enable them all if that would help the workflow or display of the browsing panel, etc.

I did note, however, that the Question column also has the same problem (similar), as shown:

I’ve just made a new Basic note type and transferred all the cards into there, solving the problem. Of course, I would’ve loved to have been able to have fixed this problem without having to do that, but it’s a workaround. Thanks all!

For future reference, you can resolve this by clicking the top right options button in your screenshot, and then ensuring the browser appearance is either blank or references a field.

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