HELP, new user, created a deck, "the front of this card is blank" error message on all 376 cards

when i hit “study” all the cards just say “the front of this card is blank.” Even though I can see Question and Answer in all my cards when i go in to edit them, I can’t study them. When I synced to my ankiweb acct, the same issue persists.
PLEASE HELP. I’m pretty sure I have the correct version of the computer app on my Mac. I have closed and reopened the app. I’m not sure what to do :frowning:

Would you please share a screenshot of the Front and Back templates of one of these cards?
(to access the templates: open the editor → Cards button; see this for reference)


Ok I figured it out, I dont know why or how this happened, but here’s how I fixed this:
Browse → cards → front template → cut and paste the line of code that has

from the “front template” to the “back template”

everything works fine now

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