Card Browser Messed Up After Upgrade


I just upgraded from 2.1.54 to 2.1.60, and now my card browser is messed up: Before, I could see the cards and the translation in the browser field, plus a few other items, but now, I can see mostly really useless information there, like note type, note index, number of cards, tags etc. My custom field names don’t seem to appear, but they are the ones that hold the “real” information I would usually search for in a dictionary. Eg. in one of my note types, the “question” is scattered over two fieds, and the “answer” may be scattered over more fields (but at least two). In other note types, the situation is similar, eg. words written in plain, plus a version with accents for the question, or with grammar information in various fields, or translations into various languages (eg. from A->{B, C, D}). I have wildly different note types, also from imported decks, currently for three different languages including both LTR and RTL, but the columns in the browser are always the same, irrespective of the note type and language used.

How can I get the “relevant” fields into the browser on a per-note-type basis, please?

This is Anki 2.1.60-qt5 on Debian Linux 11.6 on amd64.

Thank you!

Columns + Advanced Browser - AnkiWeb

Advanced Browser is an Anki add-on that adds more features to the browser. It allows you to add a variety of new, sortable columns to the card browser. These columns range from:

  • Fields from your note types

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