Interface Lag, IOE Lag, CPU Usage

Hello Everyone, has anyone come across this issue on mac? I am UTD with 2. 1. 57 and have tried numerous troubleshooting methods but nothing has worked. Image Occlusion Enhanced is particularly slow and laggy as well. MacOS is also UTD as of this post 02/13.

When Anki is laggy (like in the Reddit video) my M1 MBP sees a spike in CPU %, peaking past 100 at times. I have seen some “graphic” troubleshooting solutions, but nothing has worked unfortunately.

Reddit Post:
Please search: “Anki Lagging” by SJB_11 on 02/13

CPU Sample - Just running my mouse up and down deck categories like in the video:

Solution (Similar threads of the problem):

Reddit page mentioned


Update: I did an entire uninstall of Anki Gt6. Went back and did the Gt5 version (despite it being Intel for my 2021 MBP-M1). So far, there are no performance issues. It is apparent that this is a Gt6 issue from my understanding. I have attached an image regarding which Anki version I have installed in replacement of Gt6. I will leave this open for now if u/glutanimate happens to notice anything or wants to refer to this later. Thanks again for all of the suggestions and help.

Best of luck studying, SJ

Version Newly Installed: Index of /downloads/archive/ >> anki-2.1.57-mac-intel-qt5.dmg

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