Inquiry about adding one more string for "Added"


I would like to inquire about one of the strings, “Added”, which is used in the following two places.

I feel it difficult to translate the string into an single Japanese expression that is compatible and natural in the both situations.

Although it pains me to think of the burden on translators of other languages, I was wondering if you would split the two cases and add a new string for either of them.

Thank you for your consideration.

[I have no power to help you, but I’m interested in translation issues!]

Can you say more about the two contexts this string is used in where the meanings are different?

I know that the word “added” is used in dozens of different strings in Anki – sometimes meaning the past-tense verb – X was/were added – and sometimes meaning the adjective (or nominalized adj or relative clause, depending on grammar) – which was added, the ones that were added. So if this one crosses meanings, I’m wondering if it is mis-translated in other languages as well.

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I guess (for now) it is just a localization issue of expression and not a issue of string meaning. In this case, both of them mean “it has been added”.

I would like to translate it into a word-like form in the imported card list, and into a (short) phrase-like form in the tooltip message on the main screen, for naturalness of Japanese expression.

(A word-like expression is preferred for brevity in tables, but it would look a bit too short and blunt in the tooltip message in this case. On the other hand, a (short) phrase-like form would be too long and too polite in tables. In both cases they would be unnatural in Japanese, in my opinion.)

Anyway, thank you for the interest :slight_smile:

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This splitting may be beneficial in other languages as well, in that an appropriate form (expression) can be applied to each situation.

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I’ve added a separate importing-added copy that you can translate differently.

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It’s a wonderful solution. Thank you so much!

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