I'm trying to improve the translation, but I can't find it in one place, please help me ~

The Chinese version of the button in the picture is translated as the verb “复习”, which should actually be translated as the status “复习中”. I’ve searched i18n.ankiweb.net many times, but I can’t find the translation option for this button.

I’ve translated a lot of options before, so I have some idea of the translation interface and rules, but the word for this button is rather popular, and is reused in multiple places, so I’m not sure where this corresponds to in the translated file.

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That’s scheduling-review. Which is also used for ‘undo review’. If you find a translation is used in multiple places and you need a new one, please let us know and we can add a new key for the different contexts.

Thanks for the reply.

It is suggested that a new Key (Reviewing) be added to indicate the status of the card being reviewed. Since the word “review” in “Undo review” is a noun/verb and cannot indicate status, I personally don’t think it makes sense to share one word.

By the way, there is another place in English that I don’t know where the corresponding translation file is, it’s been many years and this tip has never been translated into Chinese. Thank you for your help.

In addition in the latest 23.10 beta version(beta4 02ade8e7), these strings cann’t find a place to translate.

Further more, the leech tag has been translated as “记忆难点” in Chinese. However, it’s still displayed as leech because it cann’t be translated in Pontoon. It would be better if this could be added as a key string.

I’ve logged the initial report on scheduling-review needs splitting up · Issue #2708 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

The AnkiWeb messages come from AnkiWeb, which doesn’t know your local locale, so they can only be shown in English currently.

The FSRS messages will become translatable in the future once the wording has settled down - currently the interface gets changed in each beta.

Legagy import/export handling will be removed in a future update, so I didn’t want to waste translator’s time translating it.




The translation of “Preferences” in Anki’s menu bar does not appear the same on Windows and Mac, even though the corresponding translation file is the same.

In the Windows menu, “Preferences” corresponds to “设置”, which is easy to understand for new and unfamiliar users, while in the Mac menu bar, “Preferences” corresponds to “首选项”, which is difficult to understand for new and unfamiliar users. Though they are synonymous with “Settings” in Chinese, but the latter is very difficult to understand for new and unfamiliar users.

I don’t think this is confusing. However I agree to rename it to “设置” to be consistent with Desktop & AnkiDroid.

Something irrelevant to this topic. Could you have a check on the translation of new key strings I’ve completed recently mainly in core/templates/statistics & core/templates/deck-config? I’m not sure if I translated them correctly because I’m not familiar with Anki’s new feature FSRS and some terms. And I’m afraid my translation will trap users into troubles.

@L.M. Sherlock is the relevant contributor and he is also a Chinese, and his opinion is more authoritative, let’s invite him to review it.

If you have experience with it, or have had someone else explain it to you once, naturally it won’t bother you. But I’ve tutored thousands of newbies, and many users can’t find the setup options, so I recommend that this translation on Mac needs to be changed.

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OK. I need to get back my account of Pontoon.

Translations of some terms are mainly based on Ye’s two Zhihu articles 自由间隔重复调度算法——FSRS - 知乎 (zhihu.com) & 解释 FSRS(上篇):算法描述与运作原理 - 知乎 (zhihu.com).


如果你是 Piotr Wozniak 的话,可能会说成是『保留率(Retention)』或『可提取性(Retrievability)

As a result, I translated “Retention” to “记忆保留率”, and “Retrievability” to “记忆可提取性” while zh-TW translated both of them to “留存率”.

Additionally, I’m confused with this string, both original description and zh-TW’s translation. I hope that I didn’t understand mistakenly.

预测回忆概率下降至 90% 的时间间隔。

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I believe Settings… is a translation that comes from Qt, so this is not something that’s easily changed.

@dae After the new splitted issue, the translation in the image above is perfect, thank you.

However, the translation below has the same problem, the word “review” now needs to be splitted and translated to mean “reviewing”(复习中).

Ok, it’s decks-review-header

I’m sorry if my expression may have confused you. This post mentions the translation of two places, one of which has already been resolved. I am referring to the other one, as indicated in this screenshot.

Ok, I have added a new string.