Untranslated strings

Hi, I’ve found untranslated strings:

In the import/export page - when choosing export/import format, all the available options (for example “notes in plain text”) appear in English even though they are translated in Pontoon.

Other strings:

“Discard Changes?” - when exiting card template


“Cancel” - when synchronising

“Missing file” - when the file used in card doesn’t exist

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Thanks, will fix.

I can’t reproduce the issue on the import screen; I’ve fixed the other issues.

Ok I checked it again and import screen is translated. I don’t know why I wrote down that it appears in English, sorry for false report on this one.

No problem, thank you for the reports!

Hi, a new string popped up, see “https://i18n.ankiweb.net/de/core/core/templates/card-templates.ftl/?string=23552

What is meant by “Add Mobile Class”?

Thanks in advance for any hints so I can translate that properly!

I guess it is referring to adding the CSS class .mobile in the card template.



thanks for your hint! I added a translation
saying it’s about adding a CSS class for mobile device viewports.


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