Translation in add-on


I’ve got a question about Translating Anki
Is “adding new string” only for developpers contributing to anki ? or is it also accessible for add-on developper ? The page is not explicit about it.
I would love, as an add-on developer and user, to be able to get anki’s help for translation. It would be far too heavy to create a process for each developper, and even for my most succesfull add-ons with ten of thousands of download, automating the translation upload/download would be a lot of work. However, being able to add strings and benefits from your translation process would be wonderful. Even if I must limit this to most succesful add-ons.

I’ve added some docs basically recommending to keep things simple. Translating Anki

While I can appreciate how this could make life easier for add-on authors who care about translations, I’m afraid I think it would be time consuming to set up and maintain, and I don’t really have the time to spare at the moment. There is of course nothing stopping you from setting up your own site/infrastructure and making it available to other add-on authors if you so wished. :slight_smile:

Too little time remain until the end of the holiday for me to try immediately. I may try next time, thanks for the idea.