Generate translation automatically

Starting point:
I have a deck with 9000 records: Spanish, English, German.
Is there a way to fill the individual fields automatically, for example with Google Translater?
Of course, I will have to rework many translations, but it would still be a great help to me.
I would rather use “DeepL” than “Google Translater”.
Thank you, Peter El Salvador

There are many add-ons for translation in AnkiWeb. See this for DeepL: DeepL Translator - AnkiWeb

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Hallo Abdo,
Thanks for the DeepL link.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found out how to translate not only one card, but all cards, fields automatically at once.
If you know a way, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.
Peter El Salvador

The add-on works on all selected notes in the browser, as far as I know. So just select some notes and click on the add-on’s menu item in the browser under the Edit menu.

Hi abdo
Thank you for your efforts and advice.

It’s quite hard for a beginner to work through all the possibilities Anki offers.
Thanks to your indirect advice, I have discovered “Lenguage Mapping” etc.
If there is a link that explains how I can use Laguage Mapping etc, I would be very grateful.

Anki seems to offer incredible possibilities

In the meantime, I have integrated DeepL add-on and also opened a free account.
But unfortunately DeepL has not yet sent me a corresponding key.

Thanks again for your efforts,
Peter El Salvador

Hi Peter,
another add-on which offers translations (including through DeepL) is Language Tools. You can see a video below here: Language Tools
it’s a paid addon, but you can sign up for a trial.

What I do:

  1. Export to a tab-delimited file
  2. Open the file with a spreadsheet
  3. Select and copy a column
  4. Paste it into the translator
  5. Paste the translation into the appropriate column of the spreadsheet
  6. Clean up the translations.
  7. Save back to tab-delimited format
  8. Import back into Anki.