Copy only fields including audio of a complete deck into a new one

I have downloaded an excellent deck.
"Spanish 9000 sentences with native autio!"
What I am particularly excited about
all approx. 9000 Spanish example sentences have been set to audio-sample by a native speaker.

Unfortunately, the card type does not correspond to my ideas; for example, the card type cannot be changed.

I would like to transfer all Spanish sentences, including audio-sample, into a new deck to be created.
Since I have in the meantime added about 500 additional records with English and German translations including + audio-samples in English and German, I would appreciate it if I could transfer these additions as well.

The structure of the desk as follows:
Card type: 1: Cloze: Text + EnglishSentences + German_Sentence
first field: EnglishSentenceID “xxxx…”
second field: SanishSentenceID “xxxx…”
third field: SpanishSentence: " Tuve que dispararle a mi caballo."
fourth field: EnglishSentence I had to shoot my horse. [sound …]
(audio sample added by me.)
fifth field: German_Sentence: > I had to shoot my horse. [sound …]
(field added by me.)
sixth field: ClozeWord: dispararle
(Does it has to be transferred as well?)
seventh field: text > Tuve que {{c1::dispararle}} a mi caballo.
8th field: [sound:Tatoeba arh sentence EngID 2331859 SpaID 4392402.mp3]
ninth field: Number of Spanish words: 6
(I don’t understand this entry “6”).

tenth field: Exra >empty
eleventh field: "Other
(Notes added by me: For example, irregular verb etc.)

How I should manage the transfer to new deck, I’ve no idea.

As a newcomer to Anki, I would be grateful for small-step explanations, also, if available, for corresponding video links.

Thank you, Peter El Salvador

You don’t really need to copy fields from one deck to another, you just need to modify your existing template as you wish, adding the fields you need, swapping the order of the fields you want, and renaming / deleting the fields you don’t need.

To do that select a card from the browser and click on “Fields”. After adding a new field, you need to modify your template:
Browser > Select a card > Cards > Add {{your_new_field}} where you want > Save

You can also create a new notetype with the fields / structure you need and use the change notetype command if you prefer.