Copy One Field to another deck


I do have a deck which I shared with a friend. After I shared, I added one field of my deck . Now I want to copy this new field into his deck so he also can use it.

We could just use the complete deck but than he will loss his statistics and progress.

Is there a way to compare the 2 decks, if the first field (= Key, unique number) is the same, then copy the new field from Deck1 to Deck2


Hi Hansolu!

EDIT: Didn’t know there were changes made to the importer. I always used CrowdAnki for collaboration and haven’t noticed any issues when importing. When in doubt, listen to dae!

My original reply

When your friend imports your deck with the new field, he will not lose his progress. As long as they’re the same notes (i.e. have the same ID), Anki will just update them to your new fields/template setup when importing.

You can test this sort of thing by creating a new user on your installation and importing/exporting your decks there.

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Anki’s importer can’t handle note types that have changed at the moment. Maybe the ‘special fields’ add-on can?

i was trying a bit but not succeed.
Special Field add on is not working or at least i dont know how. I found also this one: Batch Editing add on.
I guess this can do by write a code like this (just for understanding)
if deck(1).field(simplified) = deck(2).field(simplified) then
copy deck(1).field(Color)
paste deck(2).field(Color)
end if

Do you think thats possible?


seems thats not so easy, anyway, thanks for your replies