Image Occlusion Back template to have translucent boxes


Recently I discovered the “Toggle Translucency” option while editing Image Occlusion cards. I really liked this new option, I was wondering if it possible to use Translucent rectangles in the Back (answer) template of an Image Occlusion card.

Workflow sample: When you click Show Answer, the image occlusion rectangles do not disappear but become translucent.

In some images I have > 5 image occlusions and having translucent boxes will help me go back to the part of the images to ensure that I revised them well.

Thank you!

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This is not currently possible. I moved your post to the Suggestions section.


No problem. Thanks for moving it to the Suggestions section

Totally agree! Translucent boxes would actually help a lot when we have multiple image occlusions in a group just like the text cloze highlights the text.

Is there a CSS or easy workaround?

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It is not possible at the moment.

I’m running into the same issue! The text clozes are highlighted when answer is revealed, then why not image occlusion boxes? Tbh it’s quite counterintuitive not to have this functionality. It is really painful when we have more than a few image occlusions on a single image.

It doesn’t even have to be translucent boxes, any sort of highlighting might work (like just plain red border of the original IO box).

Any ideas if we’re gonna get this functionality in near future?

If I understand correctly then you want some kind of hint which box just revealed, like border or semi-transparent?

Yes, that’s exactly correct!

Can this be done??

Yes! I would like to see the same.

It can be done, but some users may do not want this feature, so some discussion needed for it here.

This feature can be made optional so that only those users who wants to use this may do so while the rest can ignore it

The feature should be optional, and implemented in that way.

If this can be done then it would really be awesome and save so much hassle!!!

I’m all for it! Initially I just used text cloze for my cards but after I started using IO it was very inconvenient to locate the exact occlusion spots on images once the answer was revealed. So yeah if possible this feature would really enhance IO….

I believe it would be a great addition to IO.

@krmanik Adding a visual cue or indicator to show which box has been revealed would be beneficial in my view.

A very quick and simple fix to this can be enabling the ‘Toggle Translucency’ for the boxes (not all of them, just the ones which are quizzed on that particular card) when answer button is clicked.

@dae @krmanik Can we expect this feature in the next update? Or will this feature be included at all?

It won’t be in the next update.

I have started working on it, but it will not be in next update.

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