Image Occlusion - Boxes are gone

Hi there!

I created approximately 800 image occlusion cards which I have already been studying for weeks.

When I wanted to study them today, I was shocked to see that for almost all of my cards, the image occlusion boxes are gone. I have obviously not removed them. The laptop is an older Windows model.

If I now restore the deck from a backup (assuming that would work), all the progress I have made on these cards would be gone, right?

Does anyone have a solution for my problem? I would be extremely grateful for any assistance.


One thing to try is to import the backup into a separate profile, then export the target deck as apkg (without scheduling), make sure the boxes are shown, and import it to your main profile.

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Hey Abdo, thanks for your response!

How would I import the backup into a separate account? I thought backups are always linked to your main account and can also only be accessed through this account.

Thank you!.

Create a second profile as described here then locate a backup file in the backups folder and use File > Import to import it.

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