Image occlusion cards were deleted from a set

I created a new Anki Set today and now a larger part of my cards are gone. I don’t know exactly if basic type cards were also deleted, but I know for sure that all of my cards created with image occlusion add-on are gone.
It took me 6 hours to create this set so I really need help to solve this problem.

Backups - Anki Manual

I created the deck on anki web on my macbook

I’m not sure what you mean, as image occlusions can’t be created with AnkiWeb. If you search for ‘added:4’ you’ll see cards added in the last few days; there appear to be quite a few IO cards there.

I already created a lot of image occlusion cards on my laptop in the past. Thank you for the tip but I didn‘t find my cards there either.