Image Occlusion Cards Display No Images Following Deck Import

URGENT: All of my cards are image occlusion cards so I cannot revise without solving the issue.
Images of image occlusion cards of a deck I imported is not appearing during study.

There are files in the folder but none of them are images, just the image occlusion boxes.

There are no files in the media.trash folder either.

Also, I do not have the images saved in any other folder as I was recovering a deleted deck (which I had added cards to for over a month).

Use File>Switch profile to create a fresh profile, and import into that. If the images fail to appear, it indicates they’re missing from the .apkg or have the wrong names.

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Hi, it still does not work. Can you advise me on what I could do next to get these cards back please? Thank you so much!

If the images fail to show when imported into a new profile, it implies a problem with the .apkg file. If you got it from someone else, please contact them for assistance.

If I created the cards on my own, is there anything I could do to retrieve the media files once again?

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