Image occlusion add-on

Hi !

I just did this new upgrade on my Anki on my Windows computer:

Version ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 5.15.2 PyQt 5.15.5

I’m studying with decks shared with other students. Since I did the upgrade, some pictures from their decks do not appear to me anymore. This is how they appear:

If I copy & paste the image, it’s giving me the old Image occlusion add-on which is 1108947803.

I tried using both Image occlusion add-on and it doesn’t fix my problem.

Do I have to downgrade my Anki ?

Thank you:)

If you’ve lost your sound and images, but had obtained them from a shared deck, if the shared deck is still available you can import it into a new profile, and then copy the sounds and images from it into your original collection to restore the data.

For more info: Manually Adding Media

alternately you can use Special Fields - AnkiWeb (great for updating decks too)

Even if you downgrade i don’t think it would resolve the issue
Sound/image media files have gone missing! - Frequently Asked Questions

WARNING: This is an unofficial duplicate upload of Image Occlusion Enhanced (Image Occlusion Enhanced - AnkiWeb). Please be wary of listings like this as they are not under the control of the original author and could be updated with malicious code in the future. Just like the warning above says: “As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.”

You might need to remake some cards, use only the official image occlusion add-on

might not work but try this: Some of my IO cards are empty

As last solution, try to continue your post here Image Occlusion Enhanced [Official Support Thread]

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I think this may actually be another instance of this problem: Screenshots not appearing ever since I changed laptops (Mac Ventura, M2 Pro) - #7 by dae

My problem is unfortunately something else because my screenshots do appear in my anki. The pictures I can’t see are pictures in decks I did not make. Before doing the upgrade, I could see the exact same pictures. This is the reason why I think the problem is the upgrade.

What can I do ?

Thank you and have a good day !

As is mentioned on that link, you can work around it for now by downgrading to 2.1.54. The issue was caused by a change in a library Anki uses, and a workaround will be in the next update.