I need my own addon but I cant code

Hello guys, I need a simple addon of auto adding information from online dictionary to my cards but I cannot code and yet its easy to find someone who knows python but hard to find a person who knows anki and or willing to read anki manual. So I try my luck here. If you can help me to write addon pls tell me. Not for free if needed, but hope it doesnt cost too much.

I can’t code either but check if the Migaku dictionary add-on can do what you need.

cannot, I need custom addon with info from my native language dictionary website

Some more information would help:

  • The specific online dictionary you want to data from
  • What information you want it to scrape
  • Any other features required

Without this information it’s hard to know how long it would take to make.

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Hi! I, too, am looking for someone to build me a script for generating flashcards. I am willing to pay for this. Would you mind me giving you more details privately?

@cezarbarbu I can help with that. Contact me at https://www.fiverr.com/abd_nh with the details. @menteroki too if interested.

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